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"The new era of mesmerizing alcoholic beverages."

All the brands are available in the common pack sizes of 1000ml, 750ml, 500ml, 375ml and 180ml.
For blending: Extra neutral alcohol, Demineralized water, Caramel, Food flavour pH 6-6.5 and Conductivity 0-0.5
Enjoy the distinctive and smooth taste of a blend with ENA/ grain spirits, which is distilled and matured with utmost care to give you the unique character of the finest whisky.

Premium Deluxe Whisky

(Blended with different aged scotch spirits).

Premium Whisky

(Cask matured premium whisky, blended with imported scotch whisky).

Plain Whisky

(Blended with matured Indian Malt Spirits).

Premium V.S.O.P Brandy

(Very special, old and pale)
Premium V.S.O.P is a rare blend of cognac made by extracting finely selected grapes matured in the forest oak barrels to give the connoisseur a rich and fulfilling experience.

Premium Brandy

(Blended with matured Indian Grape Spirits and imported Paxrette Sherry).


Rum is a combination of superior and matured cane spirit. It gives a mellow and smooth texture to keep the connoisseur in high spirits.

Dark Rum

(Blended with cane juice spirits and Barbados Rum).

Caribbean Rum

(Blended with Matured 3year Rum Spirits).

Normal Rum

(Blended with Matured Indian Spirits).

White Rum

(Plain white rum, flavoured)

Triple Distilled Vodka

(A blend of finest triple distilled alcohol with natural ingredients).

Premium Dry Gin

A blend of natural flavored Gin distilled with herbs for a pleasant taste that lingers in the mouth.

London Dry Gin

Flavored Gin (Strawberry, Lemon, Orange and Pepper).